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Kentucky Farm Time Capsule: Roots of Lane’s End Trace To ‘Princely’ Estate Of Colorful, Tragic Soldier

“Kentuckians are a peculiar people and their like cannot be found elsewhere in the new world or old.”—a 1905 article in the Nashville Banner on some notable Kentuckians Brig. Gen. Abe Buford, a superior soldier, public servant, distinguished gentleman, brawler, and an authority on all matters pertaining to the Thoroughbred during the 19th century, was one such […]

Kentucky Farm Time Capsule: Unsolved 1934 Murder Of Famed Breeder Adds Mystery To Historic Ramsey Farm

Old mysteries linger over green pastures and black fences that enclose Ramsey Farm, intertwined with the deep roots of the famed Jessamine County property nestled along the most historic road in Kentucky roughly 11 miles from Lexington. Almost forgotten amidst the farm’s rich annals encompassing both outstanding Thoroughbred and Standardbred runners is a real whodunit, […]

Kentucky Farm Time Capsule: Castleton’s Prowess Touched Three Breeds

Many subjects of our Kentucky Farm Time Capsule series thus far have seen their development mirror that of Lexington as the top Thoroughbred nursery in the country. The oldest Thoroughbred farms may sometimes trace their roots to a family homestead in the late 1700s, maybe to use as pastureland for cows, and then make the […]

Kentucky Farm Time Capsule: Hertz’s Influence Felt Beyond Stoner Creek’s Paddocks

The debate over John D. Hertz’s greatest impact on the Thoroughbred industry typically falls on one of two sides. On one hand, the master of Stoner Creek Stud in Paris, Ky., campaigned a pair of Kentucky Derby winners: Reigh Count and homebred Triple Crown winner Count Fleet, both of which became stallions of note. The […]

Kentucky Farm Time Capsule: Stonerside Helped Deliver On McNairs’ Lofty Goals

It isn’t uncommon in the Thoroughbred business for a newcomer to arrive on the scene, bank account loaded from another business, with their checkbook out and ambitions set on winning some of America’s best races. It is a little uncommon for such a newcomer to actually accomplish their goals in short order. Stonerside Farm saw […]

Kentucky Farm Time Capsule: Before It Belonged To Kitten’s Joy, Almahurst Raised Exterminator

Central Kentucky is filled with properties that have produced quality horseflesh over the course of centuries, but few can boast the kind of diverse resume seen from Almahurst Farm, known today as Ramsey Farm. Though its history pre-dates the formation of the state in which it resides, Almahurst’s time as a nursery of racehorses essentially […]

Kentucky Farm Time Capsule: European Imports Left Their Mark At Idle Hour Stock Farm

It’s not unusual, when you look at one of Kentucky’s historic Thoroughbred farms, to find the land has changed hands through the ages. Each new owner brings a little of their own flair to the operation; bloodlines and business plans change. There is something of an exception on one piece of property along Old Frankfort […]

Kentucky Farm Time Capsule: Greentree Stud

Just as Thoroughbred farms shift their names over the decades, the larger ones also shift their boundaries. Elmendorf Farm was at one time some 8,900 acres between Lexington and Paris, Ky., under the management of James Ben Ali Haggin. Like many large farms, it was sold piecemeal in the years after Haggin’s death in 1914, […]

Kentucky Farm Time Capsule: Maine Chance Farm

Many people in Lexington know the old Maine Chance Farm along Newtown Pike as the former base of cosmetics mogul Elizabeth Arden Graham, the place where legend has it Thoroughbreds were ordered dolled up in Arden makeup. But Graham was not the first person to raise top racehorses on the soil. Before it was called […]