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Cosequin Presents Aftercare Spotlight: Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Thousands of Thoroughbreds are retired from the racetrack every year. Many go off to the breeding sheds, while others transition rapidly to a sport horse career. I know this because I stand somewhere in the limbo between the two. As a scientist, I study equine reproduction. As a pensioned farm manager, I find myself tracking […]

Steady Eddie Proves It’s Not Always About The Money

The life of a broodmare manager is not a glamorous one – which means that the life of the significant other to a broodmare manager isn’t either. Sun up to sundown the work is hard, demanding, and it never ends. And that is just during daylight. Once dusk settles, the real labor begins. The mares […]

Fedorka: For The Love Of The Horse

I got the text message Monday afternoon. I had known about the neglect case for quite some time, and my good friend Carrie Gilbert had been in the thick of it for months. A horse named Silver Cliff that she had rehomed for a friend was located at the farm, and was in bad shape. For […]

Nearness To Greatness: A Family Farm’s Derby Weekend Trifecta

It’s like witnessing the Northern Light’s while sitting in the southern hemisphere. Or experiencing the perfect day, followed by a spectacular sunset. Like the most amazing vacation, only to find out that it’s fully paid for. It just doesn’t happen. But it is happening this weekend. The stars are aligning. There is a horse in […]

Defending An Industry That Won’t Defend Itself

I’m tired. There is this feeling of worthlessness that enters my body every time I sign on to the Internet, every time that I click open on the comments section of one of my blogs, every time I go home to Meadville, Pa., and I’m barraged by questions about the industry that I love so […]

A Voice From The Farm: Why American Pharoah’s Victory ‘Meant So Much’

American Pharoah spent his formative months in my backyard. My boyfriend and I live on the property where he was raised from a young foal to a weanling, although now the farm is under new ownership. A good friend of mine was the photographer who snapped the foal picture that everyone has shared on Facebook. And […]