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Tinky: Flightline An All-Time Great? Not So Fast, Ray

When I read Ray’s recent View From the Eighth Pole post, in which he revealed (admitted?) that Flightline had displaced Spectacular Bid as the greatest horse that he has seen race live over the past ~40 years, I was surprised. When Jay Hovdey, one of Ray’s guests on the most recent Friday Show, also placed Flightline on an […]

Letter To The Editor: The ‘Williams Doctrine’ And A Defense Of A State’s Sovereignty

Alan Foreman, moderator of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority panel at the recent Racing and Gaming Conference in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., got it just right when he said, “Rob Williams is not ubiquitous.” Mr. Williams is the executive director of the New York State Gaming Commission.  Rob does not hide, but he rarely seeks […]

Letter To The Editor: Wait For HISA To Get Everything In Place Before Picking It Apart

I don’t know if the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA) will succeed or not.  But it seems unfair and sort of strange to pick it apart and pass judgment after only a month and nine days, especially by someone who played a valuable role in helping get the HISA legislation passed. Starting anything from […]

Letter To The Editor: Zedan Attorney Responds To Paulick Report Story On Medina Spirit OOCT

Dear Editor: This letter is to briefly address the “House of Cards” article by Natalie Voss relating to Medina Spirit’s pre-race screening. Ms. Voss focused on the pre-race screening testing for Medina Spirit performed by Industrial Labs on April 18, 2021, preceding the May 1, 2021 Kentucky Derby. As now confirmed by the Kentucky Horse […]

Letter To The Editor: Lamb Chop Deserves Hall Of Fame Consideration

With the Hall of Fame induction ceremony of Beholder, Tepin Royal Heroine, and Hillsdale in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., I would like to make a case for a forgotten champion, a filly from the early 1960s who has been on the ballot in the past but failed to garner enough votes. I am writing to make […]

Letter To The Editor: The Medina Spirit/Otomax Theory Really Isn’t That Complicated; It Also Doesn’t Nullify DQ

The recent release of the information that Medina Spirit was negative for betamethasone on a pre-Derby test, while demonstrably positive on a post-Derby test, is being waved about as a stunning mystery. Has no one on either side ever been around a real live horse before? This new revelation is not likely evidence of a […]

Letter To The Editor: Derby Weekend Yields Fascinating Results For Pedigree Enthusiasts

One of the things I so love about horse racing is trying to figure out where classic winners who were not even blips on any fan’s radar during the summer and fall of their juvenile seasons come from. What is it in their makeup that makes them so interesting. Since my childhood, I have loved […]

Letter To The Editor: Tracks Should Utilize Their Right To Exclude

In his April 14 commentary in Paulick Report, Barry Irwin could not have expressed it in better terms: a combination of inefficient suspect regulation and trainers with the wherewithal to exploit the system have exacerbated our already poor public perception. Recent notorious commission transgressions have poured fuel on our already public perception bonfire. The California […]

Letter To The Editor: Positive Changes In Pennsylvania

Over the past few months there have been stories about various state racing commissions doing or not doing things for the good of the sport. The Triple Crown season always brings more of a spotlight on the sport and, most times, how there is no progress being made.  Quietly, however, one state racing commission has […]

Letter To The Editor: Dear Kentucky, You Might Need Bob Baffert

There is no doubt that Kentucky-bred Thoroughbreds are the most sought-after racing stock on planet Earth. For sprint and distance races on dirt, Kentucky bred horses simply excel; it’s an undisputed fact. That said, I see a challenge to Kentucky breeding supremacy looming on the horizon.  As a consequence, you might wish to re-think your […]