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Letter To The Editor: Rillito Racetrack Setting Stage For Accountability Standards

Dr. JoAnn di Filippo, PhD is a racehorse owner of Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses and has served as a business and education consultant to governments, Tribal communities, non-profits, and institutions of higher education. Rillito Racetrack in Tucson, Ariz., is more than a Pima County-owned property hosting horse racing and other sporting events. For over 79 […]

Letter To The Editor: An Outsider’s Perspective On The Baffert Conundrum

I almost guarantee that you wouldn’t know me even if I included my name; however, a few times weekly I am asked what horse racing is planning on doing about Bob Baffert, about doping, about horses breaking down and much more. I get to work with the amazing community in the City of Arcadia, and […]

Letter To The Editor: Why Does Racing Media Celebrate Events In Dubai And Riyadh?

I read much of your recent series of interviews with young people in racing, as well as your piece reflecting on the series. I applaud your efforts to present some fresh thinking. I was also pleased to see the concerns regarding nepotism discussed. Certainly any individual business practicing nepotism suffers. An entire industry where nepotism is as common as […]

Letter To The Editor: We Can’t Allow Creative Plan’s Demise To Be In Vain

Like all who were made aware of his tragic story and fate, I was outraged at the situation surrounding the tale of Creative Plan, who lost his life after being forced to race in a condition that never should have allowed him to set foot on the track. I was happy to see the Arizona […]

Goreé: Arizona Horse Tracks Are ‘A Killing Field’ And It Has To Stop

On Saturday I was at Rillito watching the races on opening day. There were two horses that suffered life-ending injuries on opening day. I did something I have not done in past — I walked out to observe both situations. I went behind the curtain. The breakdowns were horrific, disturbing, and not something I will […]

Letter To The Editor: ‘What Has Happened To My Favorite Sport?’

“We had faces then.” That immortal line Gloria Swanson, as aging Norma Desmond, says to William Holden in Sunset Boulevard about the heyday of her early film career. What has happened to my favorite sport? The faces of horse racing’s magnificent history have been overshadowed by those of unscrupulous so-called horsemen who have dragged the […]

Letter To The Editor: An Aussie Perspective On Being An American Racing Fan

I was saddened to read the heartfelt Letter to the Editor: Why I Am Leaving The Sport I Loved for 50 Years that appeared on the Paulick Report website on Jan. 20. As an Australian turf fanatic and now small-time owner who has been living in New York for a decade, I have a perspective on […]