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My RTIP Story: A Free Afternoon At The Track Changes Trajectory Of Doleshel’s Career

California native Keith Doleshel can count on one hand, or with one finger, the number of times he visited the racetrack as a child.  Growing up in San Jose, Calif., Thoroughbred racing existed as a sport of the periphery of Doleshel’s personal interests. That was until the year he found himself with a part-time job, […]

My RTIP Story: College Program Pivots Lovitt’s View On Racing, Leads To Key Role In Aftercare

California Retirement Management Account (CARMA) executive director Lucinda Lovitt remembers a time when a career in the Thoroughbred racing industry was the furthest thing from her mind. An Arizona native who grew up riding competitively on the show circuit, what she remembers from her early work with horses was her passion for the animals, and […]

My RTIP Story: For Grad Offerman, It Is Possible To Go Home Again

There is an old adage in American society that says, “you can never go home again.” It’s a saying that speaks of nostalgia, how the places and the memories we made in childhood are always cast in a rosier hue than reality remembers.    But sometimes, just sometimes, home is exactly how one remembers it […]

My RTIP Story: Degree Program Gave Longo The Keys To Access The Sport He Loved

As the general manager of content management solutions for NYRA (New York Racing Association), Joe Longo understands a thing or two about what it takes behind the scenes to keep racing running. “What I do is business development for NYRA, and I represent 16 different racetracks in buying and selling content on their behalf, including […]

My RTIP Story: For McGovern, Understanding The Big Picture Of Racetrack Operations Has Been Key To Success

In the decades since Ann McGovern made her first professional foray into the Thoroughbred horse racing, the New Jersey native and avid horse lover has seen the industry pass through several iterations. A racetrack manager for much of her career, McGovern has weathered the highs and lows of racing, acquired a lifetime of experience in […]

My RTIP Story: Program Set Owens Up For Success In Godolphin Flying Start

Taylor Owens did not pass her childhood years with any certain expectation that she would work with Thoroughbreds. Born in New York and raised largely in Iowa, Owens’ family was only peripherally connected to the Thoroughbred racing industry through her father’s uncle, who owned and ran a handful of horses at Prairie Meadows. “Some of […]

Breeders’ Cup Presents Connections: Commitment To Learning Paying Off For Upstart Trainer Lindsay Schultz

Connecticut native Lindsay Schultz wasn’t exactly sure what her future held when she arrived in Louisville, Ky., as a college student. Enrolled in the Equine Industry Program at the University of Louisville, Schultz knew only that she liked horses. Aside from that, she was willing to be open to where the experience would take her. […]