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Study: Omeprazole Administration May Reduce Calcium Digestibility In Horses

When Dr. Joe Pagan, owner of Kentucky Equine Research in Versailles, Ky., designs a diet for a horse, he has to determine how much of a nutrient to put in the feed to help that horse do its job — keeping in mind that every vitamin or mineral will not be completely digested and absorbed. […]

The Lameness Locator Helps ‘See’ What Veterinarians Can’t

When a horse is lame, he is not able to move normally. While lameness can be caused by a myriad of things, the vast majority have one thing in common — they’re caused by pain. “Lameness” is a clinical sign, but not a diagnosis. Many times, the reason a horse is lame isn’t obvious to […]

AAEP On Call Program Welcomes New Veterinary Spokespersons

Two veterinarians dedicated to caring for Thoroughbred racehorses have joined the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ On Call program. On Call is a media-assistance program that provides timely health updates on equine athletes during nationally televised events. Joining the program in 2019 are: Ryan Carpenter, DVM, MS, DACVS, of Sierra Madre, Calif. A surgeon at Equine […]

Size Matters: Month Foals Are Born Affects Size

Researchers have determined that foals born in the winter are smaller than those born in warmer months. It’s believed that a seasonal reduction in energy metabolism in the mare affects fetus size. Interestingly, the birth weight was not affected, but there were other important differences. Foals born near January, when temperatures tend to be coldest […]

Researchers: Modify Parasite Treatments Now To Protect Horses And Discourage Drug Resistance

While internal parasites in horses have been recognized for centuries, there had been little scientific basis for their control until the early 1900s. Some methods for controlling parasites in the past are quite frightening: a recommendation from the 1600s advised horse owners to slice the horse’s palate with the thought that the ingested blood would […]

The Power Of A Good Pair Of Shoes: Supportive Solutions For Soft Tissue Injuries

Horses can seem like they’re an accident waiting to happen. With over 1,000 pounds of mass traveling at 35 miles per hour, the demands placed on each tendon and ligament in an equine limb can seem overwhelming. Although they usually work together in harmony, even the fittest Thoroughbred can experience over-extension of a soft tissue. […]

To Bandage Or Not To Bandage: Decoding Thoroughbred Leg Wrappings

No matter when you head to the track, you’re bound to see a variety of equipment on horses at work. While it’s easy to understand why some horses use different bits or nosebands, it can be more difficult to understand what type of bandages the horses are wearing on their legs—and why some horses are […]

Handling The Heat: Racetrack Policy And Running During The Dog Days Of Summer

While heat and humidity are still going strong in most areas of the United States, racetrack officials and veterinarians must decide at what point temperatures become too hot for horses and their jockeys to run races safely. But how is this determined? And what happens if horses are asked to run in unsafe temperatures? What […]

Leading Astray: The Free Roaming Horses Of Eastern Kentucky

When traveling southeast of Lexington, Ky., large farms filled with sleek Thoroughbreds give way to smaller farms and gaited horses, then finally to mountains with horses kept in small lots behind tiny homes clinging to the mountainside. A little farther east and you’re in the Appalachian region of the state, which comprises 54 of Kentucky’s […]

Large Farms Step Up To The Aftercare Plate With In-House Programs And Policies

Equine aftercare has been an increasingly important issue to most people involved in the Thoroughbred industry for quite some time. Years ago, when it was decided that a horse’s racing days were done, the horse may simply have “gone away.” Rarely was the owner asked where he or she would like the horse to go, […]