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University Of Kentucky Student Researching Connections Between Wagering Options

A University of Kentucky student is conducting research to better understand the relationships between historical horse race wagering, live race wagering and purses at Kentucky racetracks. Barrett Kerr is a junior at UK majoring in agricultural economics and is conducting research on the historical and live horse racing markets in Kentucky. Historical horse wagering, also […]

Eastern Tent Caterpillar Egg Hatch Underway In Central Kentucky

Eastern tent caterpillars have begun to hatch, with the first detections in Southern Kentucky last week. According to entomologists in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, the caterpillars, which can cause foal losses, are expected in Central Kentucky by this or next week and Northern Kentucky a few days to a […]

Unique Research Could Improve Indoor Equine And Livestock Environment

Plenty of research exists surrounding outdoor equine and livestock arenas, but when it comes to indoor facilities, University of Kentucky College of Food and Environment researchers are breaking new ground with a multi-year study. “This is an area that has become of greater interest to Cooperative Extension clientele across the state,” said Bob Coleman, UK […]

New Study From Unique Herd That Hasn’t Been Dewormed In 40 Years

The University of Kentucky maintains a unique herd of horses that hasn’t been dewormed since 1979. According to Dr. Martin Nielsen, parasitologist at the University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center, while the horses have a lot of parasites, they are healthy. He and his team recently published a study describing parasite infection patterns in […]

Warmer Kentucky Winter Could Change Fescue Toxicosis In Broodmare Pastures

Horse farm managers with broodmares should carefully consider how recent weather conditions might affect tall fescue in pastures, potentially contributing to tall fescue toxicosis in early foaling mares. According to Ray Smith, researcher and forage extension specialist in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment’s Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, above-average […]

New Pathogen Discovery Diagnostic Laboratory Under Construction At UKVDL

The University of Kentucky Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is excited to announce the opening of a New Pathogens Discovery Diagnostic Laboratory this fall.  The laboratory will serve as an extension to the existing UKVDL Molecular Biology, Virology and Bacteriology laboratories to help identify potential pathogens, both endemic and emerging, that may can cause morbidity and mortality […]

Preparing For Catastrophic Flooding As Horse Owners

Seventeen inches of rain in 24 hours were recorded in McEwen, a small town in West-Central Tennessee over the weekend of Aug. 21. And no, 17 is not a typo. While not yet official, this would break the all-time 24-hour rainfall record in Tennessee by more than three inches. McEwen was one of many locations […]

Selecting Horse Hay: Separating Fact From Fiction

Horse people are often described as picky, fussy or difficult when it comes to hay selection. This description is not surprising because many horses are either very valuable or viewed as part of the family. It is often a lack of knowledge about selecting quality hay that gives horse owners a bad name and forces […]

Science Sleuths: Infectious Or Contagious?

Infectious. Contagious. You have probably heard these words several times in your life, maybe even used them. While similar and related, they are often used interchangeably or incorrectly and there is a difference. The distinction between the two is this: All contagious diseases are infectious, but not all infectious diseases are contagious. The literal definition […]

Kentucky Researchers Discover New Rotavirus That Has Been Sickening Foals

Researchers at the University of Kentucky’s Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center and the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory have preliminarily identified a novel Rotavirus associated with diarrhea in very young foals. This virus could not be detected using current diagnostic tests for equine Rotavirus A and appears to be different than the virus strain used in […]