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Barn Buddies Presented By Dapple Up: Jeffrey The Goat Goes Where He Is Needed

Given a large enough shedrow, it’s not uncommon to come across a racehorse who’s a little less self-assured than the rest. Sometimes they’re just a nervous personality; sometimes they have a particular trigger that makes them uneasy, like a recent move or a neighbor they can’t stand. Whatever the reason, these types often can be […]

Barn Buddies Presented By Dapple Up: Saratoga’s Little Celebrity

With Labor Day weekend come and gone, the Saratoga race meet is over for another year. The barns are probably already a little emptier, the grandstand is mostly quiet, and the traffic on Broadway is finally lighter. However, just because the tourists and racegoers are gone, that doesn’t mean the work of Upset is done. […]

Barn Buddies Presented By Dapple Up: A Different Form Of Rodent Control

With horses comes grain. With grain comes mice and rats. It’s a universal truth battled by horsemen in many ways through the years, from sturdy bins to cats to a Jack Russell Terrier named George.  Trainer Amira Chichakly has a different solution. They require an oversized plastic cage, and often confuse her toddler’s toys for […]

Barn Buddies Presented By Dapple Up: I Went To Saratoga And Met Johnny Depp

Despite his obvious popularity, I almost failed to notice Johnny Depp both times I walked by the barn at Saratoga. Once he was sitting casually in a chair, ruminating over a cup of coffee with Conor Foley. The other time he was brooding under a tree in that way only the most handsome can brood, […]

Barn Buddies Presented By Dapple Up: The Delta Downs Infield Is Marty’s World

If you’re a horse racing type with a Facebook account, you’ve probably seen the video. An alligator is seen ambling across the dirt path that goes through the infield at Delta Downs in Vinton, La. A nearby horse is understandably unsure what to make of the reptile, ultimately deciding to spin around as the handler […]

Barn Buddies: Like His Namesake, Firenze Kitten Is Full Of Fire

Summer at Saratoga is heaven for the writer of a series on barnyard companion animals. Kitten season has just happened, people staying in town bring their dogs to morning barn walks, and there are bound to be goats. Each summer has its star, and this year’s star is bright enough that I couldn’t resist a […]

Barn Buddies: Saratoga Kittens Ensure The Best Monday Ever

Although Saratoga closed several weeks ago, its reputation as a cradle of top juvenile talent will continue to build as impressive Spa 2-year-olds move toward the Breeders’ Cup. But this year’s meet was also the site of precocious youth of another kind. Saratoga has always been home to a particularly fine collection of barn cats […]

Barn Buddies Presented By Cosequin: Creatures Great And Small

There was something different about one of the shed rows in the stakes barn area at Pimlico on Preakness weekend this year. The aisle was neatly raked, uniform stall guards were up, a fan was quietly humming away in the early afternoon. Horses turned away from their open doors, cocking one leg while dozing. But […]

Barn Buddies Presented By Cosequin: Every Barn Needs A Goat

The Churchill Downs backstretch on Kentucky Derby week is a bustling place, fairly bursting at the seams by Wednesday or Thursday. Exercise riders and security guards navigate seas of visitors who never seem to quite realize they’re on horse paths. Grooms steer bikes through the chaos, sometimes stopping to gape at the scrum outside Bob […]