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Schosberg Taking The Lead On Aftercare: Difference Makers Presented By Avion Law

“I’m retired but I’m not invisible.” Rick Schosberg ended an accomplished 35-year career as a trainer on the New York Racing Association circuit last December at the age of 61, giving him more time to devote to important causes like Thoroughbred aftercare. In fact, before the term was part of the industry’s lexicon, Schosberg was […]

Mike Joyce’s ‘Unequivocally Good’ Work For PDJF: Difference Makers Presented By Avion Law

Mike Joyce is that cigar-smoking, selfie-taking guy on FanDuel TV with a seemingly endless string of wisecracks. He’s a Southern Californian by way of Chicago and Wyoming whose irreverence on social media has prompted some high-brow horseplayers to go screaming not so gentle into that good night. Sans mutton chops and a deerstalker hat, Joyce […]

Nancy Messineo’s Gift Will Keep On Giving: Difference Makers Presented By Avion Law

Nancy Messineo was one of those Thoroughbred owners who always looked after her horses once they left the racetrack. And now, thanks to an extraordinary gift made public only after her passing on June 8, countless other horses will be taken care of, too. Messineo was a residential real estate agent in the Los Angeles […]

Little Red Feather Shows That Ownership Is More Than Just Racing: Charity Spotlight Presented By Avion Law

Fractional ownership groups have been touted as the future of racehorse ownership for the industry, as a way to introduce the sport to more people. So, what better way to use that introduction for another introduction into the world of aftercare? Enter Little Red Feather Racing and their program Little Red Feather Cares. Named after […]

Offering A Leg Up, One Last Time: Charity Spotlight Presented By Avion Law

There are very few words that get the adrenaline pumping and heart pounding like “Riders up!” That’s when all eyes are on the trainer, giving a leg up to the jockey, putting the hopes and dreams of trainers, owners, handicappers, and horse racing fans everywhere on the shoulders of the demure, colorful shoulders sitting aboard […]

Researching For The Greater Good: Charity Spotlight Presented By Avion Law

The speed behind the Thoroughbred is awe-inspiring, especially when that power comes from such fragile components. Any good horseperson knows that the best way to celebrate and to manage that speed and power is to better understand it. Which is the premise of The Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation. Incorporated in 1940 thanks to an initial […]