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Stallion Spotlight Presented By New York Thoroughbred Breeders Inc.: Warrior’s Charge Brings ‘Consistency And Durability’ To Empire State

Warrior’s Charge

Stallion Spotlight offers stud farm representatives a chance to address breeders and answer questions as they plan their future matings.

In this edition, Bill Leak of Irish Hill and Dutchess Views Stallions discusses Warrior's Charge, a multiple Grade 3-winning son of Munnings whose first foals arrive in 2024.

Warrior's Charge
Dk. b. or br. h., 2016, Munnings x Battling Brook, by Broken Vow
Race Record: 22-6-3-4; $1,016,690
Advertised Fee: $5,000

Warrior's Charge

Question: What makes Warrior's Charge an attractive stallion for potential breeders?

Bill Leak, Irish Hill and Dutchess Views Stallions: Warrior's Charge had speed throughout his career and performed consistently at a high level. His ability to carry his speed throughout route contests on dirt is something that breeders are keen on.

If I've mare that's lacking in a physical aspect, what can Warrior's Charge best contribute to the equation?

Leak: Since we don't have babies of his on the ground yet I can't say exactly. However, since he does carry many of the same characteristics of his sire, Munnings, we could extrapolate that he would contribute a good hip, shoulder, bone and sturdiness.

What would a breeder looking to capture the Munnings sire line find familiar in Warrior's Charge?

Leak: Like his sire, Warrior's Charge was unable to capture the elusive Grade 1 win but with their similarities of a quick turn of foot and consistency to be ready to compete at their full potential hopefully he can catch a bit of that magic in the breeding shed.

Did you notice any patterns in the types of mares that filled his first book, either in terms of pedigree or physical?

Leak: His first book was full of all types of mares. Mostly there were from dirt families that were looking for added speed.

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What makes Warrior's Charge a good fit for the New York program?

Leak: His speed and ability to utilize it over distance will be of great value on the wonderful dirt courses at Saratoga and Belmont regardless of it being in the great weather we get in the spring and fall or during the unpredictable summer and winter meets.

What race do you think best displays Warrior's Charge's ability on the racetrack?

Leak: To me, the definition of success is to be able to compete with the best on a consistent basis, and I think he showed that every time he was on the racetrack. To pick out one performance to showcase that it would be the Grade 3 Razorback Handicap as a 4-year-old. He was fearless in all his races but there he really was in top form and faced some of the best competition of that generation. He was able to get to the front and showed how much heart and toughness he had as a competitor.

Warrior's Charge holds wins over some notable horses to the New York breeding program, including young New York sire Snapper Sinclair and top New York-Bred runner Bankit. Is that a talking point that you've found resonates with New York breeders?

Leak: To be able to point out great horses that he had the privilege to compete against and come out on top of resonates with breeders everywhere. For some of them to be New York-breds and sires definitely hits home with local breeders. New York breeders know how competitive the racing landscape is and when there is a horse involved in the New York program at that level it brings it closer to home.

The biggest wins for Warrior's Charge tended to come on or near the lead. How have you found that racing characteristic has transferred to other front-runners that have retired to stud, and how does that apply to Warrior's Charge?

Leak: Regardless of what type of characteristic a horse is classified as, whether its early, presser of off the pace breeders tend to see those characteristics being passed on through the stallion rightfully so. As a early pace horse Warrior's Charge, like other similar stallions, was able to put himself in a position to dictate the outcome of the race which is a great advantage. Given that characteristic is applied to his offspring will put them in the driver's seat.

What is something about Warrior's Charge that you think goes overlooked?

Leak: I think his consistency and durability is overlooked. He had a long career racing at a high level that many stallions aren't able to do.

What else should breeders know about Warrior's Charge before picking up the phone?

Leak: If you are looking to for the Munnings sire line but want to take advantage of the New York breeding program this is a great option.

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