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Can Vitamin E Prevent Cushing’s Disease?

As horses age, they become more susceptible to pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID), an endocrine disease which occurs in about 20 percent of horses older than 15. PPID, formerly known as Cushing’s disease, causes horses to grow long, thick haircoats that don’t shed, a cresty neck, and a pot belly. PPID is the result of […]

Solo And Stressed: Individual Housing May Encourage Infectious Diseases In Horses

Horses that transition from living in a herd to being stabled individually exhibit stress-related changes, according to researchers at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany. Dr. Sonja Schmucker and colleagues created a study using 12 geldings and followed them through a series of management changes, monitoring their immune response and behavior.   The horses were […]

University Of Surrey School Of Vet Med Receives $11.8 Million Donation

The University of Surrey’s School of Veterinary Medicine received the largest single gift in the university’s history from an anonymous donor: £10 million (US$11.8 million). Projects dedicated to animal welfare are a priority for the donor and one that falls directly in line with much of the research being done at the school. Current research […]

Collaborative Care Saves 20-Year-Old Horse From Chronic Colic Condition

Oskie, a 20-year-old Arabian gelding, had numerous mild colic episodes over the past two years. Thankfully, his owner is a veterinarian, and she knew how to treat the increasingly chronic condition in Oskie. But when she treated him a dozen times in one month, it was time to have his condition more thoroughly examined by […]

Kentucky Derby Museum: Miniature Horse Ari Kicks Off New Daily Holiday Event

Kentucky Derby Museum is excited to announce the newest holiday festivity in town – Ari’s Winter Workshop! Happening daily in December, families can turn any day into a holiday outing. Ari, the Museum’s miniature horse, has been a busy little elf! He used all his holiday magic to transform the Museum into his Winter Workshop. […]

Thursday, Dec. 1: Denali Stud Pledges $5,000 In Matching Funds For One-Day Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance Drive

As part of the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA)’s month-long Holiday Giving Campaign, Denali Stud has pledged to match all donations up to $5,000 made to the TAA on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022. Denali Stud has contributed funds to the TAA since 2013 and continues to be an aftercare ambassador, representing responsible breeding and ownership within […]

Update: 13 Horses At Churchill Barn Quarantined Due To Equine Herpesvirus Case

Churchill Downs has placed a barn on its backstretch under quarantine, as first reported by the Daily Racing Form, after a horse showed potential symptoms of equine herpesvirus on Tuesday. According to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, the filly is reported to have had a recurring fever and was referred from Churchill Downs to a […]

EPM Recurrence: Does It Happen?

A horse that has been infected with equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) has inflammation and tissue damage to the brain and spinal cord which may cause transient lameness or incoordination. Infected horses may also be weak, lethargic, or have gait changes.  Some horses may show mild signs of infection, while others become severely compromised. EPM can […]

Reduce Cooler-Weather Colic Risk With Careful Management  

Cooler weather can increase the risk of colic in horses, at least anecdotally, reports The Horse. However, it’s not the weather that’s increasing the risk of colic; it’s the management and behavior changes the shift in weather causes that increase the risk of impaction colic.  Horses that shift from pasture to a more hay-based diet […]