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The Horse Comes 1/ST, Presented By 1/ST Racing: Team Approach Drives Beyond The Wire’s Success

An avid horse racing enthusiast and a passionate champion for the Thoroughbred, Jessica Hammond is a natural fit for the role of executive director of the Maryland aftercare organization Beyond the Wire. Hammond also serves as counseling administrator for the Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association. Drawing upon her breadth of experience, which encompasses more than 10 […]

The Horse Comes 1/ST, Presented By 1/ST Racing: Acclimate Finding His Stride In Retirement

He would stand stock still, like a soldier at attention, as owners came by to inspect and admire his form. Trainer Phil D’Amato would say, “Acclimate is what you want to see when you go to the sales.” The muscular bay, well conformed with solid legs and hooves to match is every owner’s dream. With […]

The Horse Comes 1/ST, Presented By 1/ST Racing: From The Track To The Trail

A former junior rider in the show jumping arena, Emma Gurnick began galloping horses at Golden Gate several years ago. During her time in the show ring, she gravitated towards Thoroughbreds for their athleticism and bravery on the course. Determined to help the equestrian community see the value and performance potential of the Off-the-Track Thoroughbred […]

The Horse Comes 1/ST Presented By 1/ST Racing: Gunderson Has Done It All, And Shows OTTBs Can, Too

This is the first in a new monthly series spotlighting the behind-the-scenes work of people at accredited aftercare organizations who are helping horses begin the next phase in their careers. When Raina Gunderson began her foray into the world of horse racing, she never thought it would lead to a vital role in Thoroughbred Aftercare. […]

1/ST Racing And The Real Rider Cup: A Commitment To Aftercare

An equine veterinarian, a former jockey and an innovation officer enter a horse show competition. While this may sound like the start of a horse joke, it is a real-life story. What started as a, “Hey, why don’t we … ?” has blossomed into Team 1/ST Racing’s foray into the Real Rider Cup, a charity […]