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Avoid Wet-Dry Cycles To Maintain Healthy Hooves

Many areas of the country are still cycling through the wet-dry-wet-dry periods of spring weather, much to the distress of farriers everywhere. 

These cyclical conditions can be even harder on horse hooves than constant mud.  

Constantly changing from wet to dry conditions can be brought on by more than just rain, reports The Horse. Morning dew and repeated bathing can also be hard on hooves, leading to cracks that place the hoof at risk for bacterial contamination. This can lead to white line disease, thrush and abscesses, among other conditions. 

Water makes the hoof expand, while dry conditions (like that of a clean stall) make the hoof contract as it dries. This constant expansion and contraction can lead to unhealthy hooves. 

One way to avoid these issues, if limited bathing and turnout are not options, is to use a sealant on the horse's hooves, which makes them temporarily waterproof. The key is to let this product dry before bathing or turning out. 

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