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CARMA Gearing Up For Holiday Thoroughbred Classic Horse Show

The Thoroughbred Classic Horse Show (TCHS) is gearing up for its much-anticipated holiday show this year, set to take place on December 9-10 at the renowned Los Angeles Equestrian Center. Drawing equine enthusiasts and industry professionals alike, this event promises to showcase the unparalleled versatility of the Thoroughbred breed, all in the heart of Southern California's equestrian hub. 

The inception of the TCHS Series was about more than just creating another horse show series—it was about creating a space specifically for Off the Track Thoroughbreds (OTTB's) where they, with their owners, could confidently step into the show ring. Rooted in a desire to increase interest in OTTB's, the series provides an affordable and supportive environment, ensuring that both the Thoroughbreds and their riders feel acknowledged and celebrated.

Set against the backdrop of a world-class venue, the TCHS offers an extensive competition roster. From Hunters, Jumpers, and Dressage to Combined Training, Western, and Showmanship – there is something for everyone. Through this showcase, the equestrian community and general public can witness firsthand how, with the right training and support, Thoroughbreds can switch disciplines and compete at high levels in their second career. 

Spectators are welcome at our event, and admission is free! Learn more:

TCHS's Contribution to Thoroughbred Aftercare

TCHS plays a pivotal role in reshaping perceptions of retired racehorses. By showcasing the versatility of Thoroughbreds in various equestrian disciplines beyond racing, TCHS dispels the myth that their previous racing careers limit their potential. This not only elevates the appeal of these horses in the equestrian world but also offers racehorse owners added assurance that there are welcoming homes and opportunities for their horses post-racing, ensuring a beneficial transition for these athletes.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

Support the TCHS and play a pivotal role in raising awareness for retired racehorses. As a sponsor, your brand gains visibility within a passionate equestrian community while directly contributing to the impactful cause of thoroughbred aftercare. Join us in championing the versatility of the Thoroughbred breed—partner with TCHS today! Visit or contact [email protected] for more information. 


California Retirement Management Account (CARMA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2007 to raise money for retired racehorses.  It is responsible for hosting fundraising events, educating owners and trainers on equine retirement, raising awareness, and working to unify the racing industry in support of its equine athletes. Ways in which this is accomplished include facilitating the transition of racehorses off the track through its Placement Program and showcasing the breed's versatility as equestrian mounts at its Thoroughbred Classic Horse Show.

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