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Children Should Wear Helmets Around Horses At All Times, Study Finds

Recently released Australian research shows that children should wear helmets while around horses at all times, not just while mounted. The team analyzed data from the Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane from January 2008 to August 2014 related to all patients with any horse-related trauma, reports HorseTalk.

The researchers studied patient demographics, the mechanism of injury, safety precautions taken, diagnoses, surgical procedures performed and length of hospital stay. Conducted by the University of Queensland's Centre for Children's Burns and Trauma Research Group, the study is part of multiple studies being done on pediatric equine-related trauma in Australia.

While most of the injuries studied were related to falls, traumatic brain injury (TBI) was the most-common injury, though those children who were wearing helmets had significantly less-severe brain injuries than those not wearing helmets.

Of the group of children who were injured while being around horses and not riding, about one-third sustained a TBI. Because of this, the team recommends children wear helmets while working around horses in addition to while mounted.

The children involved in the study were primarily female (85 percent) and more than one-third of the injuries were to children who were between 12 and 14 years old. Three deaths were recorded and more than 7 percent of those studied suffered permanent injuries to their brain, face, eyes and limbs.

The study also revealed the need for standardized horse-related injury documentation in emergencies, the researchers noted. The data could then be used for future studies.

Read more at HorseTalk.
Read the study, published in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, here. 


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