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Research In Action: Grayson-Jockey Club Findings Have Changed Our Reaction To EHV

Possibly the only thing more unsettling than being a horse owner experiencing an infectious disease outbreak on their farm is to be a veterinarian who experiences one. That was the case for Dr. Trisha Dowling, professor of veterinary clinical pharmacology at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatchewan, Canada. In 2008, Dowling took a […]

Research In Action: Purdue Studies Convinced Trainer To Steam His Horses’ Hay

The horses in trainer Joe Davis’ barn at Horseshoe Indianapolis don’t just get standard hay in their nets each day. Throughout the afternoon, Davis or one of his employees opens the HayGain machine that sits at the end of his shed row and pulls out a warm, beautiful-smelling bale of freshly-steamed hay to fill their […]