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Horseback Riding Promotes Social Development And Builds Character

A recent European study reports that horseback riding builds character and promotes social development. The study, commissioned by the German Equestrian Federation, investigated what character elements were stimulated through riding.

The study involved 411 riders aged 14 to 65; 91 percent of those studied were women and 9 percent were male. To act as controls, researchers surveyed 402 non-riders with the same gender distribution, age and income as the riders. All participants participated online.

It was discovered that riders were generally more determined, enthusiastic, structured and balanced than their non-riding counterparts, reports HorseTalk NZ. Riders also showed greater leadership, were more assertive and competitive, and demonstrated greater resilience. Clear interpersonal differences were found between riders and non-riders.

“We have always been convinced of the positive impact of the horse on the development of children and adolescents, because it corresponds to our experiences and observations,” the German Equestrian Federation's secretary general, Soenke Lauterbach, said.

The results should be interesting for parents who wish to find a meaningful sport for their children. They will also be of interest to equestrian associations and clubs as they now have solid arguments on the character-building benefits of riding.

Read more at HorseTalk NZ.

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