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University of Minnesota Horse Extension Office Publishes Horse Rescue Guidelines

The University of Minnesota's Horse Extension office recently released a series of guidelines for rescuing a horse from situations that have or could put the horse's well-being, health or safety in jeopardy, referencing situations like malnutrition, kill pens, and other inhumane-related situations.

Included in their guidelines is a list of costs and considerations that one should take into account when fostering, adopting or otherwise rescuing a horse from an adverse situation. Among the costs the Horse Extension office suggests one should take into account includes the purchase/adoption of the horse, transportation to remove the horse from the negative situation, basic veterinary care, quarantine and board, hoof care, etc.

“Although a person may be compelled to rescue several horses, it is likely a choice must be made,” says the Horse Extension office on their website. “When rescuing a horse(s), keep in mind your long-term goal. If an owner's goal is to rescue a horse with the intent of allowing it to live out its natural life as a pet or companion, then most horses with a kind demeanor who lack major health issues or who have minor, treatable diseases would be acceptable. If an owner's goal is to have a ridable horse with the ability to perform, then a sound, trainable, younger horse that is free of major health issues is best.”

Read more at the University of Minnesota Extension website.

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