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Responses Needed For Equine Behavior Study

In an effort to explore how training and management influence equine behavior, and how this behavior affects equine welfare, scientists at the University of Sydney have designed a questionnaire that will eventually allow for the creation of a global database of equine behavior. Called the Equine Behavior Assessment and Research Questionnaire (E-BARQ), the survey is open to all equine owners and handles, no matter the horse's age, height or breed. Questions focus on rideability, trainability, handling, boldness, compliance and human social confidence.

Participants will gain insight as to where their horses are performing well and where they may need help. Ongoing monitoring of a horse's progress is also available; owners can log in every 6 months and retake the questionnaire, which will update their score. From there, owners will be able to compare their horse's behavior to other horses around the world.

The database will show how different breeds respond various scenarios as well as group typical personality types per breed. It will also show how male and female horses differ as well as how horses used in different disciplines (like dressage or showjumping) vary in behavior. The database will also show how behavior changes with maturity and training.

Access the questionnaire here.

Read more at Equine Science Update.

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