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Strangles Case Confirmed At Thistledown; Three Barns Quarantined

JACK Thistledown in suburban Cleveland, Ohio

The Ohio State Racing Commission released the following statement to the Paulick Report May 10:

In conjunction with JACK Thistledown Racing, the Ohio State Racing Commission is announcing there has been a single confirmed case of strangles in a horse stabled on the backside. There are three barns under quarantine. There are no horses allowed on or off the grounds until further notice.   

This is a fluid situation, and updates will be communicated as they occur.   

Strangles is a highly contagious respiratory bacterial disease which is characterized by swelling in a horse's lymph nodes around the horse's head and jaws. The swollen lymph nodes will sometimes abscess, and the abscesses may rupture and drain through the skin or into the guttural pouch, which may cause additional infection and complications.

In addition to this characteristic swelling, symptoms of strangles may also include fever, lethargy, loss of appetite and nasal discharge. The lymph node swelling tends to appear several days after the first signs of fever.

Strangles can be passed between horses through nose-to-nose contact but also inanimate objects that are shared between horses.

Most horses recover well from strangles but young horses or those with compromised immune systems can be especially vulnerable.

Read more about strangles here.

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