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Study: Probiotic Administration In Foals May Promote Lower Parasite Load

Probiotics are often given to horses to promote a healthy intestinal tract. A study led by Dr. Robert Jacobs at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center has suggested that giving probiotics to foals may also reduce the number of intestinal parasites they carry. 

The study used 29 Quarter Horse foals over three consecutive foaling seasons; 15 were randomly chosen to have a probiotic paste administered twice daily for eight days, beginning 48 hours after birth. 

Both the medicated and unmedicated groups were fed twice daily and turned out into dry lots during the day; no dewormer was given to either group. At day 150, fecal samples were collected. 

Analysis showed that foals in the treatment group had fewer strongyle and roundworm eggs than those in the control group. The scientists concluded that this study showed the administration of a probiotic paste to foals that were managed similarly may reduce their overall parasite load. 

They suggested that additional research is needed to understand why this occurs and also to determine whether the effects persist.

Read the study here

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