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‘The Long Shot’: Horse Racing Children’s Book To Benefit Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

Former MLB player Chris Carpenter is thrilled to announce the release of “The Long Shot,” a captivating children's book that tells the heartwarming story of Benbang, a remarkable horse who defied the odds and inspired so many. In an exciting partnership, Chris will be collaborating with the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and providing sanctuary to retired racehorses.

“The Long Shot” weaves a beautiful poem that follows Benbang's journey, from facing doubts and uncertainty to winning her debut race. Set against a backdrop of true events, this story encourages young readers to chase their dreams fearlessly, no matter the challenges that lie ahead.

Inspired by Benbang's incredible story, Carpenter is committed to supporting the mission of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. A percentage of the profits from “The Long Shot” will be donated to TRF, helping to provide a sanctuary for rescued and retired racehorses, giving them a second chance at a peaceful and fulfilling life after the racetrack.

“I am honored to collaborate with the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation and contribute to their vital work,” said author Chris Carpenter. “By supporting the foundation through the sales of 'The Long Shot,' we can make a tangible difference in the lives of retired racehorses, offering them a well-deserved sanctuary and a chance for a peaceful retirement.”

Chris collaborated with Saratoga artist Dave Papa, whose extraordinary illustrations breathe life into the pages of this children's book.

For over 20 years, Papa has maintained a presence painting on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, where he not only showcases his art but also finds joy in inspiring children.

“The Long Shot” will be available for purchase in July.

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