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Watch: Horse Without Eyes Recognized For Three Guinness World Records

Endo proves that blind horses are capable of anything

Together with his owner Morgan Wagner, the 22-year-old Appaloosa horse known as “Endo the Blind” achieved three remarkable record titles:

  • Highest free jump by a blind horse – 106 cm (3 ft 5.73 in)
  • Most flying changes by a horse in one minute – 39
  • Fastest time for a blind horse to weave five poles – 6.93 sec

Endo was diagnosed with equine recurrent uveitis, a common disorder, and the leading cause of blindness in horses at eight years old.

Knowing that Endo was facing a life without sight, Morgan was determined to prepare Endo for what was to come. Reassuring and petting him, Morgan would blindfold Endo to acquaint him with the feeling.

No matter what they did to prepare, when it finally happened it was a massive adjustment and Endo was terrified.

“He was very scared in the beginning, so I took him for walks around the barn and then moved on to walks around the property,” said Morgan.

Endo quickly regained his confidence thanks to endless love and support and began relearning the skills and activities he once enjoyed.

Now, 14 years later, Endo can do everything a sighted horse can do. He competes, goes on trail rides, travels, jumps, and performs liberty work.

Morgan hopes that Endo's story will inspire the equestrian community to focus on the abilities of blind horses rather than their differences.

Her advice: “don't have big goals, just what your horse can do, reward, and try a little bit more next time.”

Morgan also wants the world to know how proud she is of her four-legged friend, not just because of his record-breaking achievements, but because despite losing his eyes, he never lost his spirit.

“I'm very grateful to Guinness World Records for letting us have a platform for blind horses to show the world that they're still capable of anything.”

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