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Dylan Donnelly Wins Monmouth Park’s Pick Your Prize Handicapping Contest Over Record Field Of 299 Entrants

Monmouth Park's $2,000 Pick Your Prize Handicapping Challenge on Saturday, June 3, played host to a record 299 entries with Dylan Donnelly finishing ahead of all others.

Playing on Xpressbet, Donnelly turned his starting $1,000 bankroll into $8,960 with the help of two large daily doubles – a winning $400 bet starting in Race 8 and a winning $800 play starting in Race 11.

By finishing first, Donnelly automatically received a $15,390 cash prize. As part of Pick Your Prize's unique and unparalleled prize structure, Donnelly also received two prize selections from a prize board that included 25 seats to the National Horseplayers Championship, eight seats to the Breeders' Cup Betting Challenge and seven cash prizes ranging from $9,800 to $4,500.

With his two selections, Donnelly picked a BCBC seat and $9,800. All told, Donnelly walked away with his $8,960 bankroll, $25,190 in cash prizes, and a spot in the BCBC.

George Bosch, playing on-site at Monmouth, finished Saturday's contest with a bankroll of $8,310. The second-place finish earned him an automatic $8,550 plus two prize selections – used on a BCBC seat and “NHC+$6,000.”

In total, the Top 7 finishers received two prize board selections.  Finishers 8 through 33 received one pick.

All Pick Your Prize players had to bet a minimum of five Monmouth Park races.   The minimum bet for those races was $200.  Pools available for contest play were win, place, show, exacta and daily double. Contest players participated on-site or online through Xpressbet, TVG and HPI.

Monmouth Park's next live money handicapping contest is the $1,000 Haskell Challenge on Saturday, July 22.  Entries can only be played online through Xpressbet, TVG/4NJBETS or HPI.

For those looking for more immediate contest action, Monmouth Park has partnered with Horsetourneys.com for a $1 (yes, $1) online handicapping for the Saturday, June 17, Haskell Preview Day card. The Top 5 finishers in that Horsetourneys contest will receive a seat in the $1,000 Haskell Challenge.

For information on future Monmouth Park contests, please contact Brian Skirka at [email protected].

$2,000 Pick Your Prize Official Contest Results & Prizes

Name Bankroll Prize(s)
Dylan Donnelly $8,960 $15,390, BCBC, $9,800
George Bosch $8,310 $8,550, BCBC, NHC+$6,000
Dennis Hubbard $7,464.50 $5,130, BCBC, NHC+$4,000
Steven Wells $6,600 $3,420, BCBC, NHC+$3,000
William Meisel $6,270 $1,710, $8,500, NHC+$2,000
Rick Broth $6,002.50 BCBC, NHC
Chris Larmey $5,480 BCBC, NHC
Chris Littlemore $5,240.76 BCBC
Dan Edwards $5,130 NHC
Frank Mustari $4,580 BCBC
Richard Nilsen $4,386.40 $8,000
Seth Morris $4,280 $7,000
Ken Jordan $4,136 NHC
Kyle Roscoe $4,080 $6,500
Terrence Severson $4,030 NHC
Bill Rendino $4,000 $5,500
Dennis Tiernan $3,944 $4,500
Zachary Agamenoni $3,700.50 NHC
James Giamundo $3,478 NHC
Bradley Anderson $3,400 NHC
Mark Streiff $3,298 NHC
Joe Scanio $3,173 NHC
John Kostin $3,140 NHC
Chris Ahl $3,007.80 NHC
Mike Steindler $2,940.50 NHC
Jerry McClenin $2,854 NHC
Paul Shurman $2,820 NHC
Francis Drew $2,813 NHC
Gary Johnson $2,770 NHC
Braden Selvig $2,755 NHC
Lorne Weiss $2,741.82 NHC
Robert Losier $2,530 NHC
Ken Seeman $2,500 NHC

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