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Double Domino: Racehorse to Grand Prix Dressage horse

Double Domino, a former racehorse, is exceling in his new career as a dressage horse. His racing connections described him as fierce and elegant, says The Rail blog in the New York Times. His new owner, who is training him for dressage, describes him in the same terms.

Current owner Jordan La Placa praises Domino's mental soundness and clarity of gates. These are traits he says it takes years to develop in a good dressage horse.  Now that he owns him, La Placa is pointing Domino at the highest competition level of dressage: Grand Prix.  Over the past year, La Placa has introduced Domino to dressage movements and in April took him to a clinic held by two Olympic bronze medalists.

“The NEDA clinicians, Mike (Puolin) and Carol (Lavell), were enthusiastic and encouraging about Domino's talent to progress to FEI work. In fact, both said he would be welcome in their stables. Thanks for the offers, but Domino and I are going to take this ride as far as we can,” recounted La Placa back at home-base on Saturday night.

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