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Dustin Hoffman: ‘If you Google Paulick Report’…

In an interview about his film directorial debut, Academy Award-winning actor Dustin Hoffman reveals his “shock” over the cancellation of the HBO series Luck last year due to allegations of animal abuse on the set.  In the Q and A with Fox411, Hoffman said he was “beyond disappointed” with the show's abrupt ending and that it was a “shock to the system” for the more than 400 people involved in the production.  He was asked what happened:

Hoffman:  “If you Google Paulick Report, it's a site for horse racing, and in that report is the real reason why the show was cancelled. It was a collaboration between PETA and TMZ. It's interesting, sites like TMZ, they're mistaken for news. We did “All The President's Men” and you had to have two sources and they don't need any sources, they're gossip, but the general public believes what they say.

“It still deeply wounds me, not for myself, not for the show, but the pain they caused 400 crew people to have and I don't think they lost a moment's sleep. It's completely distorted. Anyone who raises horses know they break their legs. The accusations they made were distorted. Every time we'd race the horses we'd rest them. They'd race 20 seconds, then we'd rest them for an hour. 

“I think they (PETA) were looking to get contributions. Somebody ought to do a movie about them.”

Hoffman said it won't be him because he doesn't “want to be involved in the subject matter.” His new film, Quartet, his first movie as director, is a comedy about a group of elderly classical musicians at a retirement home.

For the record, TMZ denies it got the facts wrong on the Luck cancellation and said its stories were “in sync with what was reported on the Paulick Report.”

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