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Fitzgibbon Joins Open Nutrition As Director Of Sales And Client Development

Open Nutrition, a leading, global horse supplement company specializing in all-natural amino acid-based products, is pleased to announce that Stuart Fitzgibbon has been appointed as director of sales and client development for its new United States based division.

Open Nutrition USA, operating out of Lexington, Ky., offers a variety of proven products for all breeds and disciplines including racing, breeding and sport horses. The renowned Kentucky veterinary practice Hagyard Pharmacy has joined forces with Open Nutrition founder Julian Norrish to launch, promote, and develop future products based upon innovative amino acid research.

“The many products that we initially developed and marketed in Australia and the United Arab Emirates have led to great success for a significant number of trainers and farms operating in various equine disciplines,” said Norrish. “Leading Thoroughbred trainers including Doug Watson have benefitted from the use of Open Nutrition products that have quickened horses' recovery time from races, built muscle and greatly improved their condition. We have just commenced operations in America but already have received tremendous feedback from horsemen such as Eddie Woods who have witnessed in a short space of time significant improvements in their horses.”

“When I met Julian it was clearly evident through his enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise of amino acids science that Open Nutrition's products will be of huge benefit for all horsemen and women in our business,” said Fitzgibbon, who was formerly one of two commercial and equine managers for Castleton Lyons. “The company's product line is especially important in the present environment where natural supplements can play an important role to increase the general competitiveness and wellbeing of all horses. Further, the integrity that Hagyard Pharmacy provides, along with regular product certification from the University of Kentucky's Equine Analytical Laboratory, validates Open Nutrition's position as a quality provider of natural supplements in the equine industry.”

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