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Moran: Racing has an ‘army of advocates’ for Thoroughbreds

In the wake of the cancellation of the HBO series Luck and the continuing criticism from animal rights groups who “know nothing about the sport,” Paul Moran shines his spotlight on the many people in the racing industry who work tirelessly on behalf of Thoroughbred racehorses:

“Any endeavor has its bad seeds, and racing is not immune. There are owners interested only in money, and not every horse is responsibly managed. But the industry at large goes to extremes to police itself. Among those who love and respect the horse, inhumanity is not consciously tolerated.”

“Every backstretch has its share of scoundrels, but they are vastly outnumbered by those whose devotion to the animals' welfare is unadulterated. People, admittedly with a profit motive, breed, own and train horses largely out of a love for the animals and the sport. Healthy, happy horses perform to the best of their ability, and expense is seldom spared. Other people of pure heart stalk slaughter auctions to save horses that have fallen between the cracks at the hands of those who should be purged from every American racetrack.”

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