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A Note Of Thanks From Our Editor

On this Thanksgiving Day, we at the Paulick Report have a lot to be grateful for. I am approaching my tenth anniversary of full-time work here(?!), and am thankful each day that I work for a publication where I've been supported and encouraged to let my curiosity guide the reporting I do. It's given me the opportunity to ask diverse questions from 'What do you feed a ferret, anyway?' to 'Where did all those Louisiana zilpaterol positives come from?' and bring you the answers I've gotten.

We get a lot of reader emails on holiday weeks, and I find myself most thankful for the readers who have questions or thoughts on something complicated I've written. We don't just appreciate the fact we have readers, but we appreciate how engaged they are.

Of course, we're also thankful for our advertisers, without whom none of us would be able to spend long hours doing this work.

I have a particular soft spot in my cold reporter's heart this year for our Patreon supporters. When we launched our Patreon earlier this fall, we really didn't know what to expect. I'd immersed myself in understanding how different reader support models work at mainstream news sources, and trying to decide what would best suit our audience. We were looking for a way to let people support us directly if they wanted to without paywalling people who didn't want to. We were also looking for a little more freedom – a revenue stream that wasn't subject to the same whims and pressures as the commercial Thoroughbred market.

I'm thrilled to say it has been a success. People seem to be enjoying the bonus content they can access there from our staff, and I'm curious to see what top tier subscribers will think of the PR logo cap they'll be getting when they hit their three-month subscription anniversary.

What we've heard from many Patreon supports though, is that they're just happy to chip in to keep the lights on at the publication they read every morning, regardless of what the perks may be. And that's really touching.

If you don't already subscribe to our Patreon stream and want to support the work we do, we'd be forever grateful. If not, no worries. We're just happy you're here, reading this.

Find our Patreon here.

Here's to turkey sandwiches with your stakes races. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

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