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Letter To The Editor: Let Baffert Race While Due Process Plays Out

I would respectfully disagree with Arthur Gray's assumption (in his letter to the editor concerning the New York Racing Association's right of exclusion of trainer Bob Baffert) that it is up to the racing gods to set the court on the right path.

Most racing jurisdictions have a state appointed racing commission which is authorized to issue a license to participate to all individuals, tracks and other entities that are involved with legalized racing. As long as a trainer holds a valid license in a particular jurisdiction, I find it unfair for a track to deny a racing entry of a qualified horse.

I may be mistaken, but I believe that in Louisiana (a jurisdiction in which I have been involved in racing for some 50+ years) an entry must be accepted if a trainer is licensed and a horse fits the conditions of the race. I also see this as a policy that can be easy abused by racing secretaries as they not only write the conditions of the race but could select the entries.

Until Mr. Baffert is issued a ruling (concerning Medina Spirit's positive test from the Kentucky Derby), he should be allowed to race in any jurisdiction where he holds a license that was issued by that jurisdiction. If and when he is issued a ruling, then the individual jurisdictions can decide if they will honor that ruling.

I do acknowledge a track's right to select those trainers that are granted stalls for a particular meet.

I am not an “integrity consultant” nor have I ever worked with one, but I did  practice veterinary medicine on various racetracks for some 30+ years and am past Equine Medical Director for the Louisiana State Racing Commission.

I do believe in due process and until that is granted to Mr Baffert (or any other trainer), let them race.

– Tom V David, DVM

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Additional stories about Baffert's Kentucky Derby positive and ensuing legal battles can be found here.

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