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Letter To The Editor: Wait For HISA To Get Everything In Place Before Picking It Apart

I don't know if the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA) will succeed or not.  But it seems unfair and sort of strange to pick it apart and pass judgment after only a month and nine days, especially by someone who played a valuable role in helping get the HISA legislation passed.

Starting anything from scratch is tough. I don't know why Joe Gorajec (a smart, respected and good guy who has been a  member of the Humane Society's National Horseracing Advisory Council) is picking things apart when all the pieces are not yet in place.
HISA is a federally legislated start-up that was born out of a need to prioritize horse safety above all else. HISA also addressed a fear that industry haters were gaining too much political and public clout.  Remember Santa Anita in the winter of 2019? Powerful people were whispering that it was time for horse racing to go the way of the circus. Those racing and training deaths led directly to the legislation that created HISA.
Joe makes worthwhile points. But why so soon? Can we give HISA six months or a year to create a functioning office, then take a close look at what they have or haven't accomplished?
(Full disclosure: I am also a member of the HSUS National Horseracing Advisory Council.)

 – Allen Gutterman, Los Angeles, Calif.

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