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View From The Eighth Pole: Dopers, Enablers, And Ostriches

“If things don’t function properly, might it be in your personal life, in your business, or in your country, you should know that you’ve got a problem. If you don’t know that you’ve got a problem, then you’ve really got a problem. And problems are like cancer. If left unattended they will grow.” – Frank […]

Letter To The Editor: How One University Is Combatting The Equine Veterinary Shortage

If you’d like to submit a letter to the editor, please send it to info at along with your name, home state, and relationship to horse racing (owner, fan, horseplayer, etc). We will request consent before publication.  The following letter was submitted in response to a commentary by our editor-in-chief titled, ‘Voss: I’m Worried […]

The Friday Show Presented By Woodbine: Hackbarth’s ‘Pursuit Of Excellence’

When she wasn’t busy writing news stories or adding content to our website, taking care of her horses every morning, or giving riding lessons on weekends, Paulick Report news editor Chelsea Hackbarth found the time over the last couple of years to research and write a book that tells the stories of the founding veterinarians […]

Commentary: The Problem With … The Promotion Of The Triple Crown

Editor’s Note: This is the latest in a series of commentaries, all of which will begin under the premise of “The problem with …” Rather than to complain, however, as the introductory phrase might suggest, the purpose of these articles is to present the big picture of a major racing issue and create a dialogue […]

Lazarus Reviews ‘Ten Things I Learned’ In Early Days Of HISA

On Dec. 6, Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority CEO Lisa Lazarus took a look back at her first year in the role. Originally, Lazarus’ prompt for a presentation at the Annual Global Symposium on Racing had been the Authority’s 2023 outlook, but after a surprise decision last month by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals […]

Martin: HISA Needs A Rewrite, Not A Midnight Quick Fix

“Don’t make the same mistake twice,” ARCI President Ed Martin said in reaction to reports that Senator Mitch McConnell will make an effort to slip changes to the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act (HISA) in to the Defense Appropriations Bill or Omnibus Spending bill. “Such a move would be an acknowledgement that the original law […]

Voss: I’m Worried About The Lone Racing Veterinarian In The Classroom

I heard something at the recent annual convention of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) that I found believable but horrifying. I sat in on a discussion about the relationship between regulatory and private practice vets at the racetrack. What often happens at these types of discussions is there are two or three vets […]

Del Mar’s Bing Crosby Season: Finishing Strong

Josh Rubinstein, president and chief operating officer for the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, admits the autumn Bing Crosby Season is a “different dynamic” from the summer meet that runs from mid-July until early September. “It’s more of a challenge than summer,” said Rubinstein, 53, who has been at Del Mar since 1997. “People are back […]

Chichakly: The Shandian Case Should Be A Reminder That ‘The Horse Owes You Nothing’

On Nov. 18, 2022 we published a story tracing the story of Shandian, who was euthanized after being diagnosed with serious chronic injuries soon after running at a Pennsylvania racetrack. Trainer Amira Chichakly submitted the following guest editorial this week looking back on her time with the horse prior to his death. Nothing can turn […]