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Baffert: Federal Indictments Have Convinced Me Industry Needs Horseracing Integrity Act

Bob Baffert

In a Washington Post editorial published Friday, Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert says the federal indictments this week of 28 people for illegally doping racehorses has changed his mind about the congressional legislation known as the Horseracing Integrity Act (HIA). Among other things, the HIA would give a private, independent agency oversight of medication control and anti-doping in the U.S. horse racing industry.

“I have held off supporting the HIA until now because I've questioned whether the benefits of creating a new layer of federal regulation would outweigh the burdens,” Baffert writes. “However, these federal indictments have convinced me that horse racing needs immediate and drastic action to fix a broken system.”

The federal bill would give authority to the United States Anti-Doping Agency, which Baffert calls an “independent, unbiased (agency that) would have no agenda other than the best interests of our athletes and our sport.”

Baffert said he understands the reluctance of some in the horse racing industry to “invite Washington onto the track,” but he said the current regulatory system of 38 jurisdictions clearly isn't working.

“The losers are horses and all those who love this grand sport,” Baffert concludes. “It is time for the horse-racing industry to unite in support of a national anti-doping regulatory system. I invite all of my colleagues to join me in clearly asking Congress to pass the Horseracing Integrity Act.”

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