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Horse Races NOW iPhone app available in App Store

Horse Races NOW, The Coolest Horse Racing App EVER, is now available at Apple's App Store for only 99 cents. Horse racing insiders Kenny and Sue McPeek are the innovators of this handy tool that allows you to stay in touch with your favorite Horses, Trainers, Jockeys and Racetracks whether you are on the go or looking for something to do to pass the time. Developed with the goal of bringing racing into the palm of your hand, their mission is to increase the fan base for a sport they love.

Initially launched as a “free for a limited time” app, they hope the nominal charge will not be a deterrent to those who wish to enjoy the timely information provided. Those who have already downloaded previous versions of Horse Races NOW will not have to download the app again or pay for any updates. Currently, Horse Races NOW provides:

~ Overnight entries for upcoming races
~ Streaming live video & audio from participating racetracks
~ Results and payoffs delivered quickly
~ Immediate Race Replays, going back two years in time
~ Follow your favorite racetracks, horses, trainers and jockeys
~ Push Notifications on your favorites, so you never miss a race again
~ Workout notification on your favorite horses
~ Search engine to find race replays from participating racetracks
~ Share racing information via e-mail or Facebook
~ Easy access to your favorite ADW
~ Convenient links to Equibase PP's, Ragozin Sheets and NTRA racing schedule

Efforts to add more participating racetracks are ongoing. Many more “cool” improvements are in the works. Development of an Android version of Horse Races NOW is progressing. Kenny and Sue hope that this project, initiated with their own significant personal financial investment, will spark a grassroots movement for fans and industry insiders to demand from racetrack officials what they and many others feel has been long overdue in this sport they support: unity, progressiveness and cutting edge innovation. With this mindset, they believe that racing supporters can prove wrong those who would say the sport of racing horses has no future, and can benefit an industry that provides jobs for approximately 400,000 people nationwide and contributes approximately $26.1 billion to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) annually.

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