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Larry Johnson interview about MTHA, part two: Challenges and changes

Frank Vespe, owner of That's Amore Stable, posted on his blog the second and final installment of his interview with Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association board member R. Larry Johnson. Johnson has proposed changes to the bylaws of the MTHA that will be discussed at a meeting on April 30 at 11 a.m.

Vespe asks Johnson about some of the reasons behind his proposed changes as well as what he thinks the biggest challenges to the MTHA and Maryland racing are.  Johnson has received criticism for his attempts to make changes to the way business is done.

Johnson said: “The thing that's been disappointing is that there's been so much misinformation, so many misleading statements: that I'm Stronach's boy, or working for the breeders, or that I have a personal agenda.  And then in my second letter [to the MTHA membership], I tried to be very forward-looking and focused on the future, and the response was a two-page, single-spaced letter [from 10 board members to the MTHA membership] saying that I'm an idiot.”

In the interview, Johnson addresses changes he'd like to see, including term limits for the MTHA board, meetings scheduled in advance with planned topics, committee reports presented to the board, and an incentive program for owners. 

Johnson closes the interview saying that “the most gratifying thing about all this has been the incredible passion and support for making Maryland racing better.  I've heard from big trainers, small trainers, big breeders and small, people who have been doing this for 50 years and people who have been doing it for five months.  They still really believe in Maryland racing.”

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