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Report: Canada’s Horse Passport System Full of Fraud, Errors

A report by the Toronto Star reveals that the passport system that Canada uses to track drug administration to horses is often full of fraud and errors. The Star examined ten passports of horses headed to the slaughterhouse, nine of which contained signatures that did not match the owners' names, or sections that were filled out by an auction-house worker.

The passports are designed to trace phenylbutazone and nitrofurazone use in horses to prevent the drugs from entering the human food chain. Research suggests the two fairly common equine drugs can cause cancer if consumed by people.

In Canada, auction houses are not responsible for overseeing passports, but the responsibility falls instead on slaughterhouse operators, although it is the horse owner's duty to provide the full and correct information on the passport. Some passports do not use the five-page, government-designed passport template at all, but are instead a customized one-page version which omits many items. Authorities refused to disclose to the Star how many, if any, people have ever been charged with passport fraud.

Canadians particularly question the safety risk associated with the pipeline of racehorses from the United States to northern slaughterhouses, since racehorses are commonly exposed to more medications than the average riding horse and do not typically come with lifetime medication records.

Read more at the Toronto Star

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