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Report: Racing Victoria Officials Developing Test To Detect Formaldehyde

Officials with Racing Victoria in Australia have indicated that they will soon be able to test for yet another illegal substance being abused in racing – formaldehyde.

According to a report in the Herald-Sun, formaldehyde – most commonly associated with funeral homes and embalming fluid – has been reportedly been injected in some horses that have a history of bleeding.

Racing Victoria chief veterinarian Brian Stewart told the Herald-Sun that there “was enough anecdotal evidence to suspect the fluid was being illegally used on race day.”

Stewart said that it was difficult to say how widespread the use of formaldehyde was because it was “virtually undetectable.”

“There is certainly plenty of gossip and anecdotal evidence that it may be being used to control bleeders, but whether it's widespread or is limited to a few is hard to say,” Stewart said.

Stewart went on to say that while formaldehyde was sometimes used in human medicine many years ago, “There have been scientific studies that show it doesn't really do anything, but it's one of those 'maybe it works'.”

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