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Churchill Downs: Loud Sound System Blamed in Horse’s Death

Churchill Downs installed 750 new speakers around the track for its new ‘Big Board’

In a strange incident Thursday afternoon at Churchill Downs, a horse died on the racetrack after being spooked by the loud volume of the sound system.

According to Jennie Rees of the Louisville Courier-Journal, the 5-year-old mare Never Tell Lynda was being led over to the paddock to be schooled prior to the first race. Trainer Kenny Wirth told Rees that the mare reacted when a commercial began blaring over the sound system. The commercial featured horses breaking from the starting gate. According to Wirth, the mare “reared, twisted, and fell”, and hit her head on the ground. She was severely injured in the fall, and a state veterinarian had to euthanize her.

Wirth, who is based at Churchill's Trackside training center, said that this was the third day he had schooled Never Tell Lynda.

“It was so loud over there Sunday that I couldn't talk to my groom with all that crap they had,” Wirth said. “And as you're walking back, they've got that commercial that comes on and they ring that damn bell like they're breaking from the gate. She got stirred up.”

The trainer added that up to that point, Never Tell Lynda had been acting perfectly, and was “walking like a lamb” over to the front side.

“I called the stewards and said they need to do something about that,” Wirth added. “It's got to be about the horses. It can't be all this circus crap.”

Read more in the Louisville Courier-Journal

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